December 03, 2022

Why is the World Not Hearing the Voice of Oppression of Burmese Muslims?

Why is the World Not Hearing the Voice of Oppression of Burmese Muslims?

As Muslims across the world including the Muslims of Burma were celebrating festivities of Eid-ul-Adha with their families, the brutal bigoted army and racist Buddhist extremists started the massacre of Rohingya Muslims. They set fire to thousands of villages, slaughtered children and women, mutilating their bodies while they were still alive. All social media outlets are filled with the gruesome pictures and videos of the horrors. More than 150,000 Rohingya Muslims have so far fled to Bangladesh to see refuge from the inhuman barbarity. Unfortunately, except a few countries, all governments and nations across the globe have adopted the roles of mere spectators. No one has either condemned this brutality nor made any efforts to stop the ethnic cleansing.

The conduct of the Burmese government with the Muslim minority there is more ruthless than that of the apartheid (in the past). Even in 1982, the government stripped them of their right to retain citizenship of Burma. Ironically the world which claims civilization and human rights are practically supporting the oppressors and invaders. The world can see the double standards being applied to Muslims. In fact, such activities are itself a stigma on the face of entire humanity of the world.

If the Islamic countries think they will have security and enjoy a life of tranquility by avoiding helping the oppressed Muslims of the world, they are tremendously mistaken. The time is nigh for the Islamic countries to come together and come forward to defend the oppressed and miserable Muslims of the world or it is absolutely certain that the hands of tyrants will soon reach their necks to devour them one after another.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns in its strongest terms the massacre of Rohingya Muslims by the government of Burma and considers it a despicable form of terrorism. We call on UN, the OIC and the people of free-conscience to protect the Muslim minority of Burma from racial cleansing. We also urge the attorneys of the International Court of Justice that if they really intend to deliver justice to the miserable people of Rohingya then they should try the perpetrators of these brutalities on the charges of crime against humanity and the UN should slap them with international sanctions. This is the time for these International Bodies to prove their credibility and impartiality.

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