December 06, 2022

Whom are the enemies of light?

Whom are the enemies of light?

A few days earlier on the 7th of Saur, a power pylon was destroyed by unknown individuals with explosives north of Kabul city in Mirza Khelo area of Mir Bacha Kot district resulting in electricity cut to Kabul city and other provinces and millions of homes plunged into darkness. Even though the power pylon was destroyed in the dead of the night and no one initially knew the perpetrators however the spokesperson of the Kabul administration in tandem with the unjust media immediately placed the blame on the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.

The spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid condemned destruction of electricity infrastructure and declared that this incident has no relation with our Mujahideen. A number of independent analysts predicted that perhaps this action was the work of government mafia groups that have a monopoly over petrol and gas markets so that people are forced to rely on generators and gas bottles for light and other needs.

Some six days later on the 13th of Saur, reports began circulating in the media that the perpetrators of Mir Bacha Kot incident have been caught with the help of locals. The images of the criminals published in the media vividly displayed that these individuals were not related to the Islamic Emirate but were mercenaries and militias of the Kabul administration, and with it the entire nation saw what was being concealed in the dust storm of media propaganda. Everyone now understands that the destruction of power pylons and depriving millions of our fellow compatriots from something as basic as light is the work of mafia groups related to the corrupt Kabul administration whom have always employed such cruel schemes for personal gains and to loot our countrymen.

The corrupt Kabul administration officials are not only the enemies of light but also oppose education, construction and development work for their own illicit profit. Even as the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly declared its policy of protecting public projects and infrastructure and numerous development works are underway at this very moment in areas under the control of Islamic Emirate, the Kabul administration officials continue to carry out destructive actions to mask their failure in practical field with propaganda.

Even now and then they destroy a school or attach explosives to a clinic or a bridge before immediately holding the Islamic Emirate responsible with the help of the lying press. However, whenever an investigation is launched the perpetrators, like Mir Bacha Kot, turn out to be individuals with ties to intelligence of the Kabul administration.

The Islamic Emirate would once again like to announce to its fellow countrymen and the world that we do not oppose any reconstruction, education, health, economic, agriculture or national development projects, rather we shall protect and encourage it to the best of our abilities. All power pylons, schools, hospitals and other public facilities are safe in areas under the control of Islamic Emirate and no one is permitted to harm national infrastructure for personal gains.

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