October 02, 2022

What is Washington’s guard running his mouth about!?

What is Washington’s guard running his mouth about!?

The head of the Kabul administration exclaimed during a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos: If the Taliban are ready to end violence, the Afghan society is ready to reintegrate them but if they want to topple the government in the guise of peace then the government and the people will mobilize against them!! Ghani also proudly declared that his relation with Trump is based on what he (Trump) has promised the American people!!

Earlier, Ashraf Ghani told his armed forces in very clear terms that “it is because of you that no bombs have exploded in New York or Washington”.

A person who considers the principle duty of his administration and armed forces the protection of Washington and who has launched a campaign of terror and oppression against his own people for American interests – what society could possibly stand behind such a national traitor? The Afghan nation or American invaders? It is obvious that such puppets have no backing other than that of the invaders.

Those protecting American interests along with other servile puppets have been regurgitated by our society and a Jihad has been launched against them. A simple illustration of this is that Kabul administration officials cannot even move between cities, towns and rural areas without being accompanied by security convoys in tandem with air support. But the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, even a single individual can move freely from one corner of the country to the other at a time of their choosing! So does the Kabul administration possess the capability of mobilizing the society against Mujahideen?

The invaders and their hirelings exhausted all efforts in such an endeavor over the course of eighteen years but not only did they fail in creating a rift between the people and Mujahideen but the Mujahideen with the support of the people managed to force out the invaders and their hirelings from many areas and the control of Islamic Emirate has extended to the gates of major cities.

Ghani accused Qatar-based Islamic Emirate officials of marrying four and five wives and enjoying their lives while claiming that Taliban fighters are tired of war and want it to end. Ghani who has been labeled an intellect by the west, who claims to have attained religious education at five Madrasas in Lahore, who claims to have studied life of the Prophet (SAW) for a year and to have authored articles over a twenty-six-year period that are still being referred to in academic circles yet he is still so far from understanding Islam that he called Hussain (RA) – the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – as the grandson of God (we seek refuge from Allah), bowed during a funeral prayer and still does not know if Islam allows a man to marry four or five wives?

The leadership of Islamic Emirate on the other hand is so committed to their goals that they have not backed from their objectives, aspirations and higher interests despite facing pressure that could crush mountains. They have sacrificed themselves and their families yet have never even thought about making a deal on their Islamic and national interests. A large number of leaders of the Islamic Emirate and their family members have been martyred and imprisoned – a few examples being the martyrdom of Amir ul Mumineen Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor (may Allah have mercy on him), the son of current Amir ul Mumineen (may Allah protect him) Abdul Rahman carried out a martyrdom operation, the members of current negotiation team in Qatar languished in prisons for decades and so on…..

We feel a huge sense of pride in our leadership to not have abandoned their Mujahideen during difficult times and tribulations, exerted indefatigable efforts in defense of our religion and homeland and retained honor of the proud Afghan nation.

Our Jihad shall continue till the last invader in forced out of our beloved homeland and the highest aspiration of our believing nation (Islamic system) is established.

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