February 06, 2023

What does the deployment of hundreds of military advisers indicate? War or Peace?

What does the deployment of hundreds of military advisers indicate? War or Peace?

Alongside the hollow calls for peace and negotiations by the Kabul regime, it is reported that hundreds of American military advisers and troops have arrived in Afghanistan so that they can back and support their puppet regime which is on the verge of collapse.

From the past experience of 17 years, it has been made abundantly clear that whenever the American forces have suffered loses and severe casualties in Afghanistan or when in the international arena, the US defeat is debated and analyzed, the Pentagon and White House have always tried to perform maneuvers in order to manipulate the general public opinion. They have done these actions throughout this time in order to show the world that they are firmly standing behind their puppets, that they will increase the economic and military assistance to the regime, that they will increase the aerial bombings in the support of the puppet regime and that they will increase number of flights by B52 bombers in the Afghan airspace. That is why they say that they feel the necessity to send the military advisers in order to bolster their help and cooperation with the regime.

This deployment of 800 military advisers to Afghanistan and the heavy propaganda accompanying their arrival in Afghanistan is to conceal the loses sustained by the American invaders in Afghanistan. These calls for peace by the puppets of the invaders are all to hide their defeats in the political and military arena in Afghanistan.

The spectacular military operations by the Mujahidin in different parts of the country and in addition the successful operations such as the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul in which many high profile Americans and foreign invaders were killed and following that the open letter to the American people by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, were the two milestones in both the military and political arena which crushed the morale of the American invaders and exposed their criminal and evil face.

The Americans gave the Kabul regime orders to start the calls for peace and negotiations because of the loses which they suffered and in order to compensate for their defeat, the American invaders told the regime to call for peace talks as they simultaneously launch propaganda for the arrival of hundreds of advisers to Afghanistan. The American invaders are doing this in order to make up for their defeat in the military and political arena which they have been facing constantly.

The Afghans are fully aware about the intentions of American invaders and their slaves, their calls for peace and security in Afghanistan and about their evil plans.

If the Americans wanted to bring an end to the war in Afghanistan and if they did not have the long term strategy for pursuing their interests, then what is the meaning of the sending additional military advisers and soldiers to Afghanistan? Who will believe that the Americans actually want peace when thousands of invaders have usurped the ground and air space of Afghanistan? Nobody can ever take such a proposition seriously. The presence of thousands of invaders and their calls for peace are in completely conflict with logic and reason.

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