February 03, 2023

What has NATO achieved in Afghanistan?!?

What has NATO achieved in Afghanistan?!?

The Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said, “We now face a difficult decision. We have been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years, and no NATO ally wants to stay any longer than necessary. But at the same time, the price for leaving too soon or in an uncoordinated way could be very high.” The question arises, what has NATO even achieved during the past twenty years in Afghanistan the loss of which it fears?

On 7 October, 2001, NATO launched an unjust attack on Afghanistan under American leadership. This was the unfortunate day on which the Afghan people saw their joys and wishes being trampled upon by the supposed upholders of human rights. NATO crushed by its B-52 planes, cruise missiles, cluster bombs and various other deadly weapons the noble aspiration of the Muslim Afghan people. This aspiration was to implement in Afghanistan an Islamic system, the most pure and superior of all systems of governance. In place of this, NATO imposed upon Afghanistan a government of individuals with criminal records and corrupt minds who sought but to further their personal interests through looting and oppressing the nation.

The NATO-imposed government inflicted great losses upon our country such that similar examples are difficult to find in history. Our holy places were desecrated, our traditions discarded, the reputation and honor of the Afghan people attacked, our freedom usurped, our regional stability threatened, our national heroes mocked, our identity and culture distorted, Afghanistan soared to number one spot in the world for corruption and countless Afghans were martyred, wounded and imprisoned. In short, NATO and its domestic puppets thrust a storm of chaos and evil upon the Afghan nation in which spared neither an innocent child, a vulnerable woman nor a feeble elder.

Note that NATO and its allies have inflicted this destruction upon Afghanistan and its people even though no Afghan has attacked a member nation of NATO or America. Only to fulfill their imperialistic agenda, both America and NATO attacked our country and introduced to its people such unimaginable suffering that two decades later it has still to see an end. Why, then, must Afghans be impressed by democracy when they have seen it in the form of American bullets ripping through their children or bombs demolishing their humble residences?

Afghans have received no benefit through NATO presence in their country. Instead, its arrival brought many difficulties and ills. It is yet to be known which successes NATO actually has pride upon in Afghanistan, because apart from massacring innocents, demolishing civilian homes and making arbitrary arrests, it has achieved little else!

NATO’s apprehensions regarding the situation following its desperately awaited departure are baseless. This is because the Islamic Emirate, as the rightful representative of the Afghan people, has made clear time and again that it intends to implement an Islamic system in Afghanistan as per public wishes. Apart from this, it has neither attacked nor threatened any country and will not under any circumstances permit others to impose their will upon or interfere in our internal affairs.

It is clearly stated in the Doha agreement between the Islamic Emirate and United States that all occupying forces shall leave Afghanistan and no-one will be permitted to use Afghan land against America and its allies. The Islamic Emirate is dedicated to the Doha agreement. The opposing party, too, should not betray its word. Consider that this agreement benefits not only the Afghan people, but America and its allies too.

It is high time NATO refrains from obdurately deceiving the world and its public. It is but foolishness to insist on excuse-making to prolong the unjust occupation of Afghanistan. A golden opportunity has presented itself for the establishment of peace. NATO is advised not to waste this opportunity in the same way it has thoughtlessly wasted life and money for the past twenty years in Afghanistan. These twenty years have clearly proven themselves fruitless for NATO and the Islamic Emirate assures NATO that any further stay will prove just as futile.

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