February 03, 2023

Weapon Depot Discovered, Seized In Takhar

Weapon Depot Discovered, Seized In Takhar

TAKHAR, Dec. 22 – Security forces have uncovered a large weapon depot in limits of Rastaq district, said spokesperson of Takhar Police.

According to Mobeen Safi, the spokesman of Takhar Police officers of the Rostaq District discovered and confiscated 16 different types of weapons including one rocket, two rifles, thirteen Kalashnikov, and several projectiles, from a residential house in the district.

In another report, the security forces arrested two groups and three professional robbers in separate operations in  ​​Talaqan district.
Safi says a group of two robbers were arrested last night in Talaqan city when they entered a residential house and injured a man, they wanted to steal from the family. A man was seriously injured stabbed by thieves and died after being taken to the hospital.

Safi adds the second group of robbers utilized to deceive people and extort money under various pretexts.

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