December 01, 2022

Warlords and revival of failed experiments…!!

Warlords and revival of failed experiments…!!

The rapid victories in the country and the large-scale joining of government troops with the Mujahideen show that there is no room for the occupying forces and their supporters in this country. The current situation also proves that the main reason for the war in Afghanistan was the aggression of foreign forces. The strength gained through the massacre of Afghan civilians by those people who supported foreign aggression was also enabled through the continuation of Western occupation.

In 2018, when Afghan forces bombed a madrassa of Quran memorizers in Kunduz’s Dasht-e-Archi district in which dozens of innocent students and memorizers were brutally martyred, the ruthless enemy shamelessly accepted the responsibility for this attack simply because it was supported by foreign aggression.

But as of now, when they heard the cries of Takbir from the Mujahideen and ordinary civilians, such was their condition that they retreated from an entire district in just a few moments. This is because they have become disappointed with the lack of air support from their foreign masters. If this was not the case, they would not at all have prevented themselves from atrocities in any part of the country.

The reality is that the presence of occupying forces and aggression is the root cause of many problems and crises in Afghanistan. Today, however, the situation is changing. During one month, around 100 districts have been liberated from enemy control and enemy troops are surrendering their weaponry before Mujahideen in large numbers. This demonstrates that the war in Afghanistan was started and imposed by foreigners and the Afghan people are opposed to a civil war.

The current situation also shows that the quisling government was formed by the power of foreign occupying forces. This government brought about by the dollar did not represent the will of the Afghan people. Although election dramas were staged, slogans like democracy, development, etc. were chanted, the reality is now very clear. A limited number of pro-Western and retired fighters were brought to power by the force of cruise missiles and drones but they lacked any grassroots support.

Similarly, the army that was formed through billions of dollars was not for the protection of the Afghan nation but served as a auxiliary force tasked to kill Afghan civilians and which is now crumbling with the withdrawal their foreign masters.

Today, once again, some former failed warlords are chanting slogans of a new resistance. They are making loud claims to mobilize the nation’s youth and form militias. They are trying to pave the way for war, with a seemingly foreign agenda.

The Islamic Emirate, however, will never allow anyone to repeat such failed experiments. If they still choose not to give up their foolishness and try to begin some form of resistance, then with the help of Allah the Almighty they will be crushed as occurred in the past. They will be defeated and driven away.

These militants and some pro-Western secularists have built properties and bungalows from the nation’s treasury as Afghanistan remained mired in American occupation. Now, to protect all of this, they are portraying their slogans of beginning a new resistance (i.e. civil war) as a national uprising. This itself is but self-deception. The Afghan Muslim nation would not be so foolish as to throw themselves and their country into the destructive hands of civil war only to protect the assets of a few retired guns-for-hire.

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