February 05, 2023

War cannot end by halting negotiations…!!

War cannot end by halting negotiations…!!

The helpless members of Kabul administration parliament recommended during a session yesterday that the negotiations process underway in Doha with the Islamic Emirate be brought to an immediate halt and the dispatched delegation recalled.

According to their belief, the Islamic Emirate has no interest in pursuing peace because they reject the demand for an immediate unconditional ceasefire, and until they accept such, the all-party Kabul negotiation team should be forthwith summoned and talks brought to an end.

This motion proposed by Kabul assembly comes at the time when their delegation has yet to enter into any kind of a formal negotiation process. They are still negotiating over requisitions other than ceasefire and fundamental issues, have yet to find the time for a ceasefire demand, are searching for ways to make the underpinning of any negotiations the ‘Decision of the Loya Jirga’ – a Jirga that was called unconstitutional by the supposed ‘National Assembly’ itself, are debating over how to exploit the issue of jurisprudence as divisive force, and have yet to find the impetus to dive into critical subjects like reduction of violence, a cease-fire or even an end-fire.

The assembly in Kabul is advocating the end of negotiation process even as millions of Afghans are eagerly looking towards it with optimism, that perhaps this raging fire can finally be brought to an end through dialogue and understanding.

However, the corrupt MPs of the corrupt administration are seeking an end to the negotiation process under the pretext of purportedly being proponents of ending the war.

If they truly do support extinguishing the fire raging in our homeland and are not after personal interests in conflict then it is paramount they communicate to their delegation to end debates over abstract issues and enter into negotiation phase with the Islamic Emirate through the same door which ultimately paved the way for intra-Afghan dialogue and which guarantees the sovereign and Islamic ethos of our homeland.

Upon the commencement of formal negotiation process, make ceasefire the first topic of discussion if they so wish to do.

The fact of the matter remains that the Kabul administration and majority of its members are never in favor of a lasting peace, hence the cries for temporary ceasefires and the lacking display of enthusiasm about addressing the causes of war.

Unfortunately, the issue obstructing the peace process by the Kabul administration is laid bare for the entire world to see. The need of hour for MPs and other officials is that they ponder about lasting ceasefire over any temporary measures, because stopping negotiations will not end the war, rather the fire of conflict can only be put out by buttressing the negotiation process and by imparting remission and proper instructions to their delegation.

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