February 07, 2023

Video Report: Successful Operations in Farah

Video Report: Successful Operations in Farah

Al Emarah Studio, part of Multimedia Branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Cultural Commission, presents a new video report entitled ‘Successful Operations in Farah’.

The video with a total runtime of 39 minutes is dedicated to the resilient province of Farah and the latest operations by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate on enemy fortifications built to protect their limited presence in areas that are currently under sieges.

The video details an operation on a large check post of civil order police in Bala Baluk district’s Durahi area as well as another operation on a large base in Nalak area, resulting in a total of dozens of gunmen killed, one detained and subsequently released on humanitarian grounds due to his injuries as well as sizable amount of weapons and equipment seiezd.

The video then shows the cowardly enemy retaliatory raids on locals in Kanjabad area during which they deliberately bombed civilian homes which left many civilians including women and children martyred as well as causing immense suffering and material losses.

The latest release can be viewed and downloaded from here.

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