February 06, 2023

Video Report: Barbarity of Hirelings against Defenseless Nation

Video Report: Barbarity of Hirelings against Defenseless Nation

A few days earlier the criminal force by the name of ‘Campaign’ in Khost province raided a civilian home in Zeri area of Nadir Shah Kot district during which they ruthlessly martyred 2 men and a woman. Witnesses say that the criminals initially tied the hands of the woman and stabbing her to death before setting fire to the house and destroying everything. The members of Zani Khel, Mandozo and other tribes later took to the streets to protest the barbarity of ‘Campaign’ gunmen.

Around the same time the Arbaki militiamen of the stooge regime in Ghazni province also raided the home of a shop owner, Ibrahim, in Sherabad village of Qarabagh district during which they martyred Ibrahim, a woman and 2 children as well as wounding 5 women and children and kidnapping 2 others. The people of Ghazni erected tents in Ghazni city to protest the barbarity of Arbakis, demanding that the perpetrators be brought to justice however the ruthless regime gunmen also opened fire on them, leaving 4 more civilians martyred and 3 wounded.

The latest release about the protest in Ghazni against the brutalities of the regime gunmen and invaders can be viewed and downloaded from here.

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