September 29, 2022

Video release ‘Healthcare and Wellbeing (1)’

Video release ‘Healthcare and Wellbeing (1)’

Al Emarah Studio, part of the Multimedia Branch of the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan’s Cultural Commission, presents video release no. 114 under the title ‘Healthcare and Wellbeing (1)’.

This video is dedicated to the visit by workers of Al Emarah Studio to ‘Qasami Hospital’ located in Musa Kala district of Helmand province and also contains an interview with the Head of Health Commission, the respected Mullah Abdul Haq ‘Hijrat’, about health related activities throughout Afghanistan.

This video showcases the deep concern of the Islamic Emirate towards the health of our compatriots as well as its efforts in this sphere.

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The latest release can be viewed and downloaded from here.

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