February 07, 2023

US Presidential Change and Afghanistan’s message

US Presidential Change and Afghanistan’s message

The presidential inauguration ceremony took place recently in Washington, transferring power from the black skinned Obama to a white skinned billionaire, Donald Trump. Trump is an enigma both to the Americans and the billions of people around the world. No predictions can tell his course of action and the ramifications they entail.

Afghanistan – which continues to burn in the fire of occupation lit by the arrogance of previous American leaders – hopes that Trump and his cabinet will not follow the crooked unintelligent footsteps of his predecessors in order to both stave off America from destruction and relieve Afghanistan from the evil of invaders.

But if he insists on following the path tread by Bush and Obama and continues the illegal occupation of our country without reviewing the results so far, then it is not far that Trump shall sink even deeper into the quagmire that is Afghanistan without any means to pull himself out from its depths.

If anything could have been achieved with killings, beatings, bombings, tortures and prisons then surely no method was left unused over the past nearly 16 years. Not only America but the fifty other coalition nations used every tool of force but could not achieve anything except lose tens of thousands of soldiers in battles and billions of dollars in a sinkhole, increased hatred of America globally and in Afghanistan, ruin its own image by propping a corrupt immoral regime, establish historical record in narcotics output, morph from a guardian to a violator of human rights and like the late Amirul Mumineen Mullah Muhammad Omar predicted, drop America from the top of the list (prestigious countries) to its bottom.

Even though America has never waged a war so long and passionately intense in its entire history but if she insists on continuing her failed arrogant policies, one can foresee that she will ruin herself beyond repair due to a historically shameful defeat. And nothing is hard for Allah, the Almighty.

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