January 28, 2023

Urgent Visa Facilitation Desk Inaugurated in Kabul Airport

Urgent Visa Facilitation Desk Inaugurated in Kabul Airport

KABUL, Dec. 08 – Acting Minister of Industry and Commerce of the IEA, Alhaj Nuruddin Azizi, along with Minister of Finance, Minister of Transportation and Aviation, Deputy Minister of Interior, Deputy of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment and a number of high-level officials of the IEA and the private sector inaugurated an Investment and Services Unit Center at Kabul airport for the issuance of urgent visa at the airport

Alhaj Azizi considered the creation of the desk to facilitate technical services and visa issuance for international businessmen and investors as necessary and stated that this unit has been established for providing services to those international businessmen and investors who intend to invest in Afghanistan, as well as colleagues and engineers which cooperates with the private sector of the country.

The opening of this unit, is first service 8n the field of investment in the country added Mr Azizi.

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