December 07, 2022

Trump has exposed the warmongering face of America.

Trump has exposed the warmongering face of America.

Habib Mujahid

US President Donald Trump on January 2018 address to the representatives of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council said that he considers the possibility of reconciliation and peace in Afghanistan as an afterthought and he will use every mean necessary to suppress Taliban through war.

Hussein Shah Mortazavi, the puppet regime’s presidential spokesman has also welcomed the warmongering Trump statement and declared that the peace process is not a viable option and that continuing war against the Taliban is the only way to force them into peace. A deeper look into Trump’s statement, which is labeled by media as the new American policy against Taliban in Afghanistan, simply clarifies their deceptive war strategy to which they have confessed bluntly.

From the uprising of Taliban Islamic Movement in Afghanistan, to the ruling of Islamic Emirate and then seventeen years of the jihad era, the Islamic Emirate has always tried to convince the Americans – like the rest of the world and neighboring countries – that war has been imposed upon them and their country and that they have no intention of harming other countries of the world.

However America has chosen blatant hatred and hostility towards Taliban from day one. The initial forms of that hostility were propaganda war, political pressure and economic sanctions which eventually led to the cruise missile attacks and subsequent military occupation. At that stage, the Islamic Emirate adopted jihad as divine obligation and sole guarantor of the country’s salvation, and constantly emphasized on negotiations and possibility of regional peacekeeping resolution in order to end the deadly war immediately.

But on the other side however, Americans have used the slogans of peace as mere propaganda and have never taken this matter seriously in a practical form nor have they ever given real thought to fruitful negotiations leading to peace.

Americans have only followed a fighting strategy over the past seventeen years by increasing the number of foreign troops in Afghanistan to one and half thousand, bringing in aircrafts and weapons into our country, creating major military bases, training tens of thousands of mercenaries and spending billions of dollars to expand and revive the war in every possible way.

While the US was promoting war practically, they were using peace as propaganda and blaming Mujahedeen for being against peace and not accepting a peaceful resolution. In that situation, America tried to hide their antagonist face from Afghan people and tried to emphasize that the Mujahedeen were an anarchist group.

But now the US president has openly declared that the Afghan issue cannot be resolved peacefully, which made it clear that the true source of instability and war is America and her trained puppets.

Trump has exposed the true antagonist face of America by rejecting the possibility of peace and negotiated settlement in Afghanistan and the situation is no longer ambiguous to our people who now understand who is truly responsible for the ongoing war, killing and misery of our people!

Our people who are thirsty for a peaceful life, should raise their voice against the war policy of the invaders. The warmonger should be sentenced and overthrown so that our nation may breath peacefully and be saved from the the state of unrest and chaos.

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