November 26, 2022

Troop amalgamation – a sign of trust in the Emirate

Troop amalgamation – a sign of trust in the Emirate

Over the past few days, we are witnessing large number of troopers that formerly worked for the invaders surrendering to the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in mass across the country. In some cases, batches of up to a hundred surrender to Mujahidin while bringing in all their military vehicles, weapons and ammunition, showcasing their absolute abhorrence for the Kabul administration with these actions.

On top of surrender of large bases and check posts, defections on the scale of entire districts to the Mujahideen serve as a sign that even the forces paid by the corrupt administration have lost confidence in the survival of the regime. These troops express openly that they have understood realities and can no longer sacrifice their precious lives for a few parachuted puppets whose families live luxuriously in foreign countries while they themselves continue to loot and plunder our country under the fake slogans of protecting the homeland.

Just as surrender of troops is an indication of no-confidence in and collapse of the Kabul regime, the amalgamation of such large forces with the Islamic Emirate displays that the full spectrum of the Afghan society even strata that stood in the opposition ranks have complete trust in the Islamic Emirate, tie their futures with it, and have concluded that the real representative of the Afghan people and the future leadership of Afghanistan is in the hands of this Islamic Afghan force.

And just as the Islamic Emirate has consistently published statements of amnesty and invitation to the opposition, it has practically shown that its arms of mercy and compassion are open to the troops and workers of the other side and holds no intention of seeking revenge, rather it gives precedence to saving their lives through the amalgamation process so that they may spend their lives in joy and assurance next to their own families and children.

The warm welcome of opposition fighters by the Mujahideen, fulfillment of pledges to them and sincere commitment towards protecting their lives and wealth is the cause behind the complete trust of opposition fighters on the Islamic Emirate. Instead of fighting against the Emirate, they are looking for ways of joining it. And it was with the blessing of this amalgamation process that a number of districts fell under the control of the Emirate, and as the cause of war and fighting ended in a particular area, so did peace reign supreme and the people breath a sign of relief.

In order that the cause of war is swiftly ended in Afghanistan and lasting peace established, we call on all workers of the opposition specifically the armed personnel to join the current of amalgamation. The Islamic Emirate shall not only welcome them with open arms but guarantees protection of their lives and property.


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