September 29, 2022

Tribal elders, scholars meet civil & military officials

Tribal elders, scholars meet civil & military officials

 KHOST, Aug. 29 – The respected Ulama (scholars) and the elders of Gurbuz tribe congratulated the joint leadership of Khost province and said that the Gurbuz tribe has always played a constructive role in the reconstruction,   development and unity of the country.

They said that tribesmen and Ulama were ready to stand with and support the Islamic Emirate and are willing work together with the Islamic Emirate towards a shared aim in any circumstances.

The Governor of Khost, esteemed Maulana Mohammad Nabi Omari welcomed the tribal elders and Ulamas of the Gurbuz tribe, adding the Islamic Emirate has always tried to serve its people in wholehearted and cordial way.

The doors of all government administrations of the Emirate are still open to you. You can share any problems and difficulties with us.


He said the Gurbuz tribe had always cooperated with the Islamic Emirate in times of difficulty.

The meeting concluded with a dua for long-lasting peace in the country.

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