September 29, 2022

Tribal elders meets governor of Nimroz province

Tribal elders meets governor of Nimroz province

NIMROZ, Dec. 01 – A number of Nimroz tribal elders met with the governor of the province, Mullah Nahibullah “Rafi” in the assembly hall of the governor’s office on Monday.

Haji Ghulam Mohammad Noorzai, Haji Mohammad Yousuf Barakzai and Haji Mohammad Rabbani on behalf of the tribal elders of Nimroz support expressed support for the current system as well as shared their concerns about rising food prices in the city, market closures, traffic problems and asked for solution current system.

Nimroz Governor Mullah Najibullah “Rafi” welcomed and thanked the tribal elders and said that tribal elders have played a special role throughout history and could continue to do so in the future. We are committed to any kind of cooperation.

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