December 04, 2022

To those who do not understand the language of diplomacy

To those who do not understand the language of diplomacy

Three heroes from the Martyrdom Battalion carried out a thunderous assault earlier today on the satanic intelligence nest in Samangan province.

The martyrdom seekers successfully managed to penetrate the most secure enemy site before calmly implementing justice on murderous criminals. Over twenty Kabul administration remnants and those obstructing establishment of an Islamic government were killed while three champions of the Ummah also attained the lofty status of martyrdom.

The enemies of Islam must understand that the political and diplomatic efforts of the Islamic Emirate do not in any way, shape or form mean that the stooge Kabul administration can carry out atrocities and bombings throughout Afghanistan while expecting and demanding the Islamic Emirate show compassion, flexibility and end the fight against these injustices.

The Islamic Emirate is committed to its obligations within the limits of Islam and shall take to task all who kill and oppress our Muslim compatriots. Those involved in the spilling of blood and persecution of our innocent countrymen will most definitely be brought to justice and penalized for their crimes.

Peaceful and diplomatic struggle in pursuit of finding a resolution is an internationally excepted principle but when the opposition misuses these peaceful efforts as a tactic to pursue their interests by trying to mislead people and make the Mujahideen negligent, it becomes an obligation upon the Mujahideen to correct the course by talking to the enemy in a language they understand.

Today’s attack on an intelligence nest in Samangan province carries a message to those who do not understand the language of diplomacy and try to secure their personal interests through childish play of drawing a line and rubbing off the previous to return back to the correct path and end their stubbornness.


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