November 27, 2022

To improve coordination military officials meet in Uruzgan

To improve coordination  military officials meet in Uruzgan

URUZGAN, Nov. 05 – A coordination meeting was held between the provincial police chief Mullah Abdullah Bashir Haji Sahib and all military officials of the province at the police headquarters in capital Tarinkot on Thursday.

The meeting began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, after which the provincial police chief, Mullah Abdullah Bashir Haji, addressed all military officials, including district police chiefs, district commanders and other military officials. Commander Bashir Haji Sahib said that we want to win this revolution.

He called on all the officials to clean up their ranks, adding that the corrupt, thieves and tyrants will get rid of their clean ranks and will not allow any corrupt person to join their ranks.

He also called on all military officials to obey their orders and abide by all the principles of the Islamic Emirate and move forward on the basis of the principles of the Islamic Emirate. We have to go through a lot of hardships for this system to come.

The police chiefs of Dehrawod and Charchino districts, assured that they would bring security to their districts for the welfare of the people and would not allow any corrupt, thieves or tyrants in their ranks.

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