October 02, 2022

The Saur Revolution- A Dark Day in the history of Afghanistan

The Saur Revolution- A Dark Day in the history of Afghanistan

by: Muhammad Jalal

The 7th Saur which marks the day of Saur Revolution in Afghanistan is one of the darkest chapter in the history of Afghanistan that will always be remembered by the Afghan nation. All the misery and bloodshed in the country was intiated by the communists when they laid the foundation for instability of Afghanistan on 7th of Saur forty three years ago. On this day Afghan communists seized power through a bloody military coup. They started this brutal coup under the colorful slogan of home, food and clothes for all. This was a slogan which refers to the bare necessities of life, popularized by the communists for their rhetorical and propaganda purposes. But the deceptive slogan of the communists became clear to Afghans when they put people in coffins instead of clothes, bombed their houses and deprived them of a piece of bread. In order to implement their atheistic ideology in Afghanistan, the Afghan communists chose exactly the same atrocities that their ideological leader Stalin had used in killing, destroying and exterminating people in Central Asia. Whenever the 7th of Saur Revolution anniversary is marked it brings back the memories of the unforgettable barbaric crimes and the heartbreaking scenes in the minds of every Afghan wether they are inside or have migrated outside of Afghanistan.

The main source of all the problems that have befallen or are happening to Afghans are due to the brutal coup on the 7th of Saur that engulfed the Afghan people and left millions dead, hundreds of thousands maimed and disabled and dispersed and displaced millions inside and outside the country. The tragic anniversary of the brutal coup d’etat of Saur is once again coming to the Afghan people at a time when Afghanistan is under the occupation of Western invaders instead of yesterday’s communist Soviets and the massacre of Afghans by foreign invaders and their slaves is happening all over the country. The heartbreaking scenes are repeating themselves on daily basis. There are so many examples that how the oppressed Afghans have faced great difficulties and hardships over the past forty three years since that bloody coup which opened the doors for the invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union, stripped Afghans of their individual and national liberties, and trampled on our territorial integrity.

The Afghans, in spite of all their hardships and oppression, proved to the transgressors that Afghanistan is the home of the Muslims and in this home, if anyone intends to carry out foreign designs by force with the help of foreign power, no one has any chance of success. Everyone shall know that Afghans will never bow down to anyone and will never accept foreign rule and dictation of foreign powers.

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