October 02, 2022

The new jihadi tactics of ‘Al-Khandaq has overwhelmed the enemy

The new jihadi tactics of ‘Al-Khandaq has overwhelmed the enemy

With the launch of Al-Khandaq operation, Mujahideen started utilizing  the most intelligent and new tactics of the war. The enemy was severely beaten in various parts of the country, their equipment and vehicles fell as spoils in hands of Mujahideen and Mujahideen have firmly taken control over vast areas.

Qala Zal, Kohistan and Talao-Barfak districts were captured by Mujahideen. The enemy has made many efforts to restore their control over these districts however they not only failed in doing so but faced further losses and fled in humiliation.

Since last two weeks, Mujahideen have blocked the road leading from Ghazni to Paktika for the enemy. They tried multiple times to reopen while Mujahideen resisted and thwarted all attempts all the while still having full control of the highway.

The heroic Mujahideen attacked Farah city from multiple directions where they took control of a large area of the city, broke the prison, took control of intelligence department, captured dozens of armored vehicles, cars, tanks, weapons, heavy ammunitions and transferred them to safe locations. They killed more than 50 Kabul regime soldiers and have proven to the enemy that no matter how hard they try to use their power, they will still be defeated by the Mujahideen.

Many regions have also been captured by Mujahideen in Oruzgan province. With the conquests of those regions, many weapons and ammunitions have fallen in Mujahideen’s hands, the enemy has been crushed while Mujahideen advances continue. They are striving to defeat the enemy and free the oppressed nation from their malfeasance and corruption.

These latest attacks have proven that the initiative of the war is with the Mujahideen. No matter how much power the enemy use and repeats horrors, they will get nothing out of it due to a few important reasons. The first and most important one is that the current leadership of the Islamic Emirate, despite the ongoing war against the invaders, has a strong support and experience of =years long jihad against the Soviets. So they know more than anyone else how exactly to entrap the invading armies and mercenaries and suppress them.

Secondly the enemy is engaged in fighting with the national resistance led by the Islamic Emirate. History testifies that the larger and stronger forces against the national uprising have always been defeated and their glory has become a part of history.

Thirdly the Mujahideen are fighting for the sake of Allah Almighty and for independence of their occupied land. Their goals are sacred and morale is high, which means that the success and initiative will be with them.

With the beginning of Al-Khandaq operation, the enemy got beat in various parts of the country, many areas were captured and Mujahideen have gained excessive spoils. Only in the past week, 500 armed men led by 15 commanders in Badghis province defected from the Kabul regime and pledged their allegiance to the Islamic Emirate, which is a clear example of the enemy’s defeat across the country.

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