November 28, 2022

The Morale Sagging Soldiers of the Kabul Administration Destroy Places of Public Benefits

The Morale Sagging Soldiers of the Kabul Administration Destroy Places of Public Benefits

By the grace of Almighty Allah, the courage and sacrifices of Mujahideen and the unstinted support of our people, victories of Mujahideen are expanding across the country which has created panic in the Kabul Administration. As before, once again, the soldiers of the Kabul Administration have resorted to killing and harassing civilians and demolishing places of public benefits. They think that, by doing so, they would compel people to stop supporting Mujahideen and on the other hand they would be able to hide their own failure and incompetency.

After the capturing of Kunduz city by Mujahideen, the surrogate soldiers due to their habit used mortars and other heavy artillery against commercial and residential areas inside the city. As a result, many commercial markets got fire while common people sustained financial losses worth millions of Afghanis. On 22 August, helicopters of the Kabul Administration bombed Alchin Bridge near Kunduz city to prevent advancement of the Mujahideen towards Kunduz city. Similarly, attack on Braishna Corporation workers in Kunduz province, destruction of electricity pylons in Baghlan province, bombardment of hospitals and use of schools as military outposts are those destructive acts which have been carried out by the invaders and surrogate soldiers of the Kabul Administration. On 17 February, a Swedish Committee hospital was attacked by the invaders and their surrogate soldiers in Wardak province. As a result, four patients were dragged out from the hospital in the darkness of the night and martyred them with knives and blades. On August 17 of the current year, the Human Rights Watch also confirmed in its report that the Kabul Administration was using schools as military outposts.

The invaders and their surrogate allies should know that lies could not sustain. They are not able to deceive the Afghan nation and hide the truth anymore. It is also clear that prosperity of our people and protection of places of public benefits are the lofty objectives of the Islamic Emirate. The Esteemed leader of the Islamic Emirate Sheikh-ul-hadith Haibatullah Akhundzad (may Allah protect him) has given exclusive instructions to Mujahideen regarding implementation of the said objectives. The Kabul Administration should know that this malicious ploy is no more effective as they used to destroy places of public benefits and then blamed Mujahideen of having perpetrated the act. Neither they are able to sell their masquerade anymore nor they could restore the morale of their moribund soldiers by mere slogans.


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