September 29, 2022

The Kabul Regime adding fuel to the fire of War

The Kabul Regime adding fuel to the fire of War
In the recent Warsaw conference about Afghanistan America and her allies pledged support for the puppet regime of Kabul until the year 2020. In the statement released by the participants, it was written that the regime will be supported by funding of 1 billion dollar on yearly basis. One of the main points of the agenda was that the invading foreign forces will continue their presence after 2016 and their stay will be prolonged. The puppet regime of Kabul was very ecstatic about this declaration by America, NATO and their allies. The Kabul regime considered this declaration a big achievement for itself in different meetings. The Kabul regime, after this declaration, warned the Mujahidin that they will continue sustained military operations against them and they warned and boasted that their masters the invaders are not yet tired of the war in Afghanistan. 
The Kabul regime is supporting the war and adding fuel to it in which every year thousands are killed, tens of thousands injured. The top General of the invading forces in Afghanistan General Nicholson publicly acknowledged that the regime is losing many men to desertion, casualties are mounting and this year is very deadly for the regime and invading forces and it may become one of the deadliest years of the war. According to General Nicholson the reason for the mounting causalities is the attacks of the Mujahidin on the bases and posts of the regime forces.
According to Reuters media outlet the Kabul regime lost 1500 soldiers while 5000 were in injured alone in the year 2015 and according to a statistical report in the current year these loses are tripled in the middle of the year. 
On the other hand the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan highly motivated and are moving forward capturing territories from the invaders and their hirelings. According to regime media outlets currently more than 30 districts are firmly in the hands of the forces of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and tens are under constant siege. There is no presence of the regime forces in the provinces and are limited to the city centers and military bases only.
When the number of the invading forces in Afghanistan were more than 150000 the Mujahidin didn’t lay down their arms, rather they continued their struggle for freedom by sacrificing their lives and everything they owned for their noble cause so how can it be fathomed that they stop their noble struggle when the invaders are on the verge of defeat and have fled and decreased their numbers to a few thousand? The funding of billion dollars will go in vain just like in the past. The regime is on the verge of total collapse.
Mujahidin are a force made from the common Muslim population of Afghanistan which will never bow down to invaders and will defeat the hirelings and their masters in every battle. The Muslim masses of Afghanistan will always stand by the Mujahidin like they have done in the past. The enemy has tried many times and is still trying to harm the Mujahidin but the people are standing with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan like an immovable wall of steel.
The Kabul regime – instead of continuing the war, imposing western ideas, killing innocent civilians, putting them in jailsm destroying the homes and livelihood of the common population and bombing them – should stop these criminal activities. They should nullify all the pacts and agreements they have signed with the invaders and pave the way for an Islamic Sharia government in Afghanistan where the rights of all the Muslims are protected and which will be acceptable to every Afghan. The regime shouldn’t sacrifice Afghans for the ambitions of the invaders and western imperialists. The regime should surrender itself to the righteous Afghan Muslims that is the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for the peace stability and prosperity in the country. This is also the will of common Muslims of Afghanistan who have shown strong support for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan throughout the past decades and a half of the noble struggle.
The Warsaw agreement means that the invaders have plans to continue the fight and killing of Afghan Muslims until 2020 and fund this corrupt regime which is full of warlords and human rights abusers, in violation the democratic norms of the invaders . It was long understood about the hypocritical policy of the invaders and their hirelings to continue the unlawful killings and occupation but these newly signed pledges and agreements throw further light on their dark plans and anti-peace policy. The peace talks and peace parlays are merely for media and to divert the public opinion from the ground realities.

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