December 07, 2022

The Kabul Attack has nothing to do with Mujahideen

The Kabul Attack has nothing to do with Mujahideen

A huge explosion in Kabul on 31 May last Wednesday which killed about one hundred countrymen and wounded more than 400 was a gruesome incident for the entire Afghan nation and the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate shares sorrow of its people in this moment of grief. As such, the Islamic Emirate strongly and immediately condemned the incident through its spokesperson and rejected all kind of involvement in it. The Islamic Emirate also clarified to its people and the world that the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate has no permission to carry out such huge explosions in any ill-defined place. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate condemns every explosion and attack carried out on civilians and causes harm to civilians while it has no legitimate target. But, despite denial by the Islamic Emirate, the security officials of  the Kabul Administration immediately began to level accusations against the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate (Mujahideen of the esteemed Haqani) in order to conceal their failures or perhaps to conceal the real objectives and perpetrators behind this incident and thus obtain their intended wicked objectives.

But, now it is clear to all that the Islamic Emirate focuses only on military targets and the said incident does not comply with the policy of the Islamic Emirate. Moreover, those embassies and organizations are also not the target of the Islamic Emirate which carry out civilian activities.

Unfortunately, the official of the Kabul Administration did not stop here but announced to execute 11 of oppressed prisoners who had no link to this incident. It shows that these reckless and imprudent officials want to further complicate the issue of Afghanistan, instead of thinking over the real factors of the current war in Afghanistan and trying to find solution to cessation of the current crises in the country. Contrarily, they intentionally want to flare up the flames of war by resorting to such intelligence ploys in a hope that they would create gap between the Islamic Emirate and the people by leveling such allegation. They also intend to obtain sympathy and support of the countries of the world, so that they will say there is need for foreign troops surge in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate wants to remind the officials in Kabul not to throw dusts in the eyes of the people and the world, nor pave the way for continuation of fighting to ensure prolongation of your rule. The Afghan nation could not be deceived by your intelligence propagandas or ploys anymore. The Islamic Emirate wants to assure the people on its part that the Kabul attack and other similar attacks are not the work of the Mujahideen and strongly condemn them.


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