January 28, 2023

The Imam Shamil of our time

The Imam Shamil of our time

This is the second year since the passing of the legendary religious, visionary, political and Jihadi leader of Afghanistan — Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani (may Allah have mercy on him).

Over the past few centuries, the people of the world knew only one Mawlawi (Mawlawi of Rome) but that too only in the field of sufism and solitude. But Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani showed the true meaning of Mawlawi to the world. He was not only just a Mawlawi in the field of education but also a Mawlawi in the fields of jihad, struggle and revival of a nation.

If we look through the history of Islam we will find many historical figures who have set examples with their lives for the next generations of Muslims to come, whom inspire and teach us how to live a life of dignity and honor under the banner of Islam. Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani is also among those historical figures. Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani lived an exemplary life and spent more than fifty years of his life in Jihad against foreign aggressions in Afghanistan. He was a man of monotheism, belief and faith. He was a man of advocacy for good.

The life, struggles, sacrifices and achievements of Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani remind us of Imam Shamil and we can rightly call Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani as the Imam Shamil of our time. Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani stood bravely against Soviet and subsequent American-led invasions and defended the Muslims of Afghanistan by everything in his possessed. He sacrificed four of his sons while tens of family members fought valiantly for the cause of freedom of Afghanistan. Every time he heard about the martyrdom of a family member, he would thank Allah the Almighty and would say that this would be neither our first nor our last martyr. He used to say that Martyrdom is the highest position that Allah the Almighty bestows on His closest servants, it is a blessing from Allah especially for my family, and I am proud that my family members are blessed by Allah and accepted as martyrs and Mujahideen in the path of Islam.

Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani became a shield for Afghans against foreign invaders. Throughout his life he faced every kind of hardship but none of those hardships made him weaker, rather he carried forward his mission with much dedication and resilience. Today, there are thousands of his followers following his footsteps and standing firm against the aggressors in Afghanistan. Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani was one the pillars of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under the leadership of the leader of the faithful Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (may Allah have mercy on him).

The life and struggles of Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani tell us that like our forefathers, we can only find dignity and honor in the noble cause of Jihad. Even his foes described him as goodness personified. He worked tirelessly for the freedom of Afghanistan which was taken by the global coalition of invaders. His visionary leadership gave strength to Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in the early days of the resistance against the American led invasion at a time when the Mujahideen were at their weakest point. He gathered the valiant soldiers of the Islamic Emirate under the leadership of the late leader of the faithful Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid and began resistance which is now part of the glorious history of Jihad, thus cementing his place in the history of Islam and Afghanistan.

He always emphasized on supplications, prayers, and sincerity for success in path of Jihad. Today, the students, followers and Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan continue on the path which was left by Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani — the path of sacrifice, Jihad, glory, and honor. The path which is laid for Ummah by the noble companions of our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and then followed by our grandfathers like Mawlawi Jalaluddin Haqqani. The mission of Jalaluddin Haqqani for an independent and peaceful Afghanistan will be continued and fulfilled by the soldiers of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Allah willing.

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