January 28, 2023

The Core Issue of the Beloved Country

The Core Issue of the Beloved Country

Unfortunately, the invaders and their allies have not shown sincerity regarding resolution of (our) country’s problem so far. Rather, they are cashing in on the blessed name of peace and have grabbed the legitimate rights of the Muslim nation of Afghanistan for the past nearly two decades under the futile slogan of war on terror. While practically, they have been bombing rural areas and conducting night raids. Still more, even on the basis of accepted international norms, they violate various rights of the people on daily basis. Yet, they are resorting to hackneyed reasons for justification and prolongation of the war.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, on the basis of its rational policy has time and again asked for real solution of the issue of Afghanistan, saying that the factors behind the current war should be eliminated.

If the invaders and their allies really want to put an end to the tragedy of the Afghan nation, then they should come forward with views regarding fundamental issues, so that all should know that they are sincere and committed to the fundamental resolution of the problem.

But unfortunately, besides other factors, one of the factors of war in Afghanistan during the past one and half decade is that the invaders and their internal and external allies have continued to use tactical approach to the issue of Afghanistan. They are neither accepting realities nor are in search of real solution of the issue. Rather they want continuation of war by resorting to futile slogans and strategies. Sometimes, they create new militia forces by the name of Arbakis and other times form them under the name of regional force. Furthermore they are deliberately harping on the so-called twenty armed groups in Afghanistan to make them larger than life figure whereas they themselves are providing material and media support to the nascent phenomenon of ISIS. But neither have they resolved in the past nor will resolve the issue of Afghanistan by such maneuvers but will further deteriorate it.

However if the invaders and their allies want to resolve the issue of Afghanistan then it is better for them to accept those legitimate demands of the Mujahid nation of Afghanistan for which this nation has given sacrifices during the past forty years and are still giving them.

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