February 03, 2023

The Afghan situation still seems ambiguous for US officials

The Afghan situation still seems ambiguous for US officials

James Norman Mattis, United States Secretary of Defense, secretly arrived in Afghanistan yesterday while the media was banned from reporting anything about his trip to Afghanistan.
He literally came to Bagram in order to morally support the American troops and local puppets on the failure and loss of Trump’s war policies in Afghanistan. Outwardly he stated to the media that his purpose of secretly visiting Bagram in Afghanistan was that he received information about groups of Taliban willing to surrender themselves to the Kabul government.

Besides the James N. Mattis’ statement, some media networks have reported the controversial statements of General Nicholson in which he says that this is an opportunity for Taliban to accept Ashraf Ghani’s offer, otherwise they will be eliminated. He further added that in an effort to protect the residents of Kabul and foreigners from the Taliban, they will make many more checkpoints around the Kabul.

On the other hand, Donald Trump during his visit of a military base in the United States yesterday also said: We will forcibly bring peace in the world, we will eliminate those who resist and will win in Afghanistan. He added that: I have completely empowered my commanders, with which they shall bring peace to Afghanistan.

While hearing such statements of American invaders, it seem that they are either unaware of the ground realities in Afghanistan or are deceiving themselves. They utter such statements in both war and peace overtures, further complicating the situation instead of resolving it. They still stress on the intensification of war and increasing indiscriminate aerial attacks even though they have not yielded any positive results after 17 years of continuous war.

In particular, with the latest war strategy of the Trump, the whole world in witnessing Mujahidin eliminating dozens of domestic and foreign soldiers in various tactical attacks every day and are  still taking =control of districts, military bases, and military checkpoints from their enemy.

This series of Mujahedeen victories are taking place even before they officially announce and begin their combat operations.

Secondly they make very ambiguous remarks in peace platforms and no sensible person would believe in its rationality. Americans, instead of considering the peaceful resolution presented by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, are churning out false rumors, stating that they have felt that some Taliban groups have expressed willingness of submitting and surrendering to the Kabul government.

Are these the kind of propaganda, intelligence and satanic plots through which they seek to solve the Afghan problem? No, indeed. The actual fact is that American officials are being deceived by Kabul administration, and if they truly want to put an end to this war and stop oppressing the innocent Afghan people, they have to consider and give serious thought to the reasonable proposal of the Islamic Emirate, which was even acknowledged by Kai Aage Eide, special representative of United Nations for Afghanistan, as he said : the demand of Taliban to negotiate directly with America is rational and logical as the military strategy is made in Washington, America. He added that America has a broad and wide presence and interference in Afghanistan, and the current Afghan administration came about as a result of the United States presence and involvement in the affairs of Afghanistan.

But despite all these facts, American generals and political officials ignore the facts and do not have the ability to see and understand the situation of Afghanistan. If they emphasize on brutality, air raids and fighting alongside the irrational statements, they should realize the historic fact that Afghans have never surrendered to the foreign invading forces. They should not depend on the cooperation of few sold-out puppets as they will inevitably be pulled down into the dark hole of defeat along with their puppets, without having anything to show for their loss of lives and treasure. And that is no great matter for Allah.

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