December 10, 2022

The 15th Year of the Black Day of American Invasion

The 15th Year of the Black Day of American Invasion

One and a half decade ago, on 7 Oct 2001, the American invaders attacked our beloved country under the guise of futile pretexts, ostensibly, using the 9/11 incident as an excuse but still they have no solid proof in this regard except allegations. However the activities and policies of America and her Allies during the past one and a half decade have revealed this fact time and again that America came to Afghanistan and the region for other motives and they are still pursuing these goals. To achieve the said goals, they deployed 150,000 soldiers and used all sophisticated weapons including chemical weapons against the Afghan Muslim nation, martyring old men, women, children and youth. They did not even spare gardens and fields of the people.

The invaders thought that the Taliban were a group. They would defeat them by the use of sophisticated weapons and tactics but did not realize that it was a nation — they were confronting a faith-loving and freedom-loving nation. Anyone who has ever invaded their land, this proud nation has always shown their unity by keeping aside their differences and have dealt such crushing blows to the invaders that they could not even maintain their foothold in their own countries. From the British to the former Soviet Union, the history of all invaders is an open secret in front of the world. Those who did give and still have been giving wrong information and advices to the invaders only sought to reach the corridors of power on the shoulders of the invaders. They deliberately tried to make the internal issue of Afghanistan an international one. But those who sell their independence and kill their people for the sake of foreigners and their fire power could not represent their nation nor does the nation have any bond with them.

All have witnessed that no tangible example regarding justice, qualification and development has ever been seen in the country under the slogan of democracy over past one and a half decade. Moreover final decisions about future of the country takes place in embassies of the invading countries. These realities are no more secret to the people.

We condemn the US-allied invasion of Afghanistan and once again call on the invaders desist from further throwing dust into the eyes of the world. Make your strategies on the basis of ground realities of Afghanistan and not on the basis of wrong analysis, information and advices, because these advices and analysis are futile and insubstantial like the (number of) ghost schools, ghost clinics and ghost soldiers. All nations have the right to determine their future, independence and government as you yourselves take this right for granted. You still have time to accept the ground realities and leave Afghanistan to the Afghans before facing a destiny similar to the former Soviet Union.

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