December 10, 2022

Terrorism under pretext of 9/11

Terrorism under pretext of 9/11

Sixteen years have passed since the event of 9/11, 2001 but still neither impartial international investigators have conducted investigation into this incident nor they have been allowed to do so in order to expose the real perpetrators. Similarly, under this label, neither slaughtering of people and invasion of countries have come to an end in the world. The Islamic Emirate has rejected, from the very beginning, all kind of involvement in this incident and strongly condemned it but despite that the Afghan nation has suffered more suffering than anyone else because of the incident. From all these indications, a question arises of whether it was a designed scheme to prevent establishment of Islamic system and Islamic revival in the world? Because under this pretext, America and her allies have toppled the Islamic system and ended freedom of the Afghan nation and stoked racial and ethnical differences. They exploit our natural resources while committing vast human right violations in detention centers of the country.

Notwithstanding that Islamic values have been desecrated under the very name of terrorism in Afghanistan; funerals and weddings have been bombed; school children martyred and Afghans have been stained with their own blood while fast asleep in their houses.

More than 200,000 Afghans who have been martyred in the country in the past sixteen years include among others, children who were born after 11 September 2001 but devoured by the flames of this bloody incident. In addition to these atrocities, they have established such a corrupt administration in Afghanistan which suppresses and loots the Afghans day in and day out. They have brought people to the helms of power who along with their family members hold nationalities of the invading countries and continue living there. Their commitment to the foreigners is greated than that towards Afghanistan. We practically see that some people have become billionaire under the shadow of this regime at a time that majority of the population are lacking a loaf of bread for their morning and evening meal. In these circumstances, America formulates strategies for Afghanistan and the region from time to time under the pretext of maintaining its security but their prime motive is to prolong the war.

But,now such ploys have become an open secret for the Afghans and the world. Neither the so-called slogans of terrorism and democracy seem convincing anymore nor Afghanistan is a soft slice that the invaders can easily swallow.

It is worth mentioning that the strategy of the influx of troops may prolong the issue of Afghanistan but will never solve it. Such failed efforts have had no results in the past. The past history of British and USSR is in front of all is an open book for everyone. But still there is a way! America and her invading allies should leave the land of the Afghans to the Afghans. If such solution comes through peaceful means and understanding, it is the more optimal.

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