January 27, 2023

Taliban truly give no value to what Mohib calls politics!

Taliban truly give no value to what Mohib calls politics!

The supposed National Security Adviser of the quisling regime in Kabul, Hamdullah Mohib, said in a press conference that the Taliban have not changed their policy and that they do not understand politics.

The tweeted response of the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate reflected appropriately the sentiments of all Afghans. Zabihullah Mujahid said: “If politics is reaching goal through deceit, fraud, servitude and illicit means, then Taliban genuinely don’t understand it and Kabul admin stooges have master’s in it. But if politics is following shariah, prophetic methodology, perseverance and valor, then Taliban are its epitome. ”

However, shame is not felt by ones already devoid of dignity, otherwise this tweet would have been sufficient a response. Previously in 2001, the Islamic Emirate had made clear to Mohib’s masters that it is prepared to clear issues through dialogue. It had been made clear that nothing of value shall be produced for them through thuggery and violence and that no system except an Islamic system is acceptable to Afghans.

However, Mohib’s Western masters were at the time too eager for the fulfillment of other hopes. They dreamt to impose with the advantage of their technological superiority a rejected system of governance in Afghanistan, namely democracy. Instead of dialogue with the present government, they sought to forcefully instate immoral individuals raised in their nightclubs.

Now after all their failed endeavors, let Mohib and his fellow puppets reflect as to what has been achieved over these two decades by the United States and its allies in Afghanistan. If there was anything but a humiliating defeat, the Islamic Emirate’s stance would not have been yielded to nor would the historical Doha agreement have taken place.

Therefore, Mohib and friends ought to remove the glasses of delusion and reflect upon the contents of Zabihullah Mujahid’s tweet. They are sure to reach the sensible conclusion that the Taliban are, in fact, defending Islam and Afghanistan and their politics is free from personal interests, hence unpalatable to some.

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