November 28, 2022

Systematic murder of Afghans by CIA

Systematic murder of Afghans by CIA

The latest Human Right Watch report stated that death squads under the command of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have repeatedly carried out and continue to carry out war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan.

Credible information suggests that the CIA in Afghanistan has created six branches of to spread terror and carry out extra-judiciary executions – namely the 01, 02, 03 and 04 Units along with Khost and Kandahar protection forces – locally known as Zarbati squads.

The true nature and composition of these death squads is still not fully understood but the one thing that is known is that they are assembled, trained, funded and operationally led by the CIA. These death squads have no respect for international laws as they carry out daily night raids on the villages and houses of Afghans, force their way inside homes like armed-robbers, force people out of their homes, loot valuables, demolish homes with explosives and ruthlessly murder innocent youngsters inside their own homes in front of their family members. The Human Right Watch report elaborated that night raids, bombings, extra-judicial executions, abductions and attacks on hospitals and public buildings are crimes being repeatedly committed by these forces.

The reality however remains that that United States of America – a country that considers itself a champion of human rights globally – is carrying out the silent mass murder of innocent people in Afghanistan through the CIA and its Afghan mercenaries. The American criminals and their mercenaries kill an average of fifty innocent individuals on a nightly basis but there seems to be no one who can protest this systematic massacre and call them out for this oppression.

In relation to this situation, the collective international humanitarian conscience is facing a great challenge – will they be able to defend the human rights of the oppressed from the oppressor or continue their hypocritical silence in face of the criminal invaders? The Afghan nation appreciates the Human Right Watch for raising this issue in their latest report and considers it the fulfillment of its responsibilities. However, simply publishing a report about this mass-murder is not enough rather, practical steps need to be taken to put an end to these continuing crimes.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – just as it calls on their international community to prevent the ongoing systematic massacre of Afghans – also calls on all domestic political parties and the various strata, individuals and groups of society to pay serious attention to the issue at hand. All must raise their voices in unison to prevent the ongoing ruthless murder of Afghans, plunder of their wealth and destruction of their homes and villages. Take a stand against these crimes against humanity on the basis of Islamic brotherhood and humanitarian sympathy without any political bias by stopping and making the killers of our innocent compatriots known to both our people and history.

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