September 29, 2022

Successful implementation of the Agreement

Successful implementation of the Agreement

The agreement between the United States of America and the Islamic Emirate about the withdrawal of foreign troops has fortunately passed the phase of delays and interruption it faced in the initial stages and all Afghans are currently witnessing its smooth implementation.

A large number of prisoners have been released over the past few weeks and the other side has promised that it will release the remaining two thousand prisoners in the near future. The spokesperson of the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate, Mr. Suhail Shaheen, stated that the Islamic Emirate is ready for the intra-Afghan negotiation following the completion of the prisoner release process.

The Afghan people who advocate for the end of occupation and peace expect all sides to continue our journey towards this end in the current manner and take steps in accordance with the terms specified in the Doha agreement. What is of concern and frustration for the nation in this regard is the baseless claims of some individuals and notable sides which can become a cause for the disruption of this transparent process. An example is the publication of a falsified incriminating report against the Islamic Emirate under the name of the United Nations followed by reiteration of the same baseless accusations by US CENTCOM commander Franklin Mackenzie – such things serve no purpose other than to discredit the ongoing process.

Moreover, the comments and premature remarks by some officials of the Kabul administration on a domestic level is also harming the atmosphere of confidence therefore precedence must be given to our higher national interests over petty political maneuvering in these critical times.

The attacks on mosques and scholars in Kabul is also the plot of the enemies of Islam and our homeland with the aim of hampering the agreement implementation phase of this journey towards the termination of occupation with headline-grabbing crimes. That is exactly why whenever such mysterious attacks do happen, a number of officials and malicious news outlets immediately blame the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, however, the Islamic Emirate has always declared its innocence from such anti-Islamic actions and condemned them in the strongest terms. We believe that our compatriots recognize the actual perpetrators behind these mysterious crimes – those who have shed the blood of the Afghan people for the past nineteen years at the behest of others and who are now seeking to continue the bloodletting under a different cover.

We must end by stating that the Islamic Emirate assess the current situation in a positive light and hopes that future phases will also be implemented successfully so that with the Mercy of Allah (SwT), our persecuted nation can attain their forty-year dream of an Islamic system and sovereign Afghanistan. In the hope of such an outcome.

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