September 25, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding Soviet invasion on the 6th of Jaddi

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding Soviet invasion on the 6th of Jaddi

Forty two years ago on the 6th of Jaddi 1358 (Hijri Solar), former Soviet armies launched an invasion against Afghanistan.

The Afghan Muslim and Liberation loving Nation could not tolerate any occupation or aggression by any invader, so our brave and Mujahid nation started a great and comprehensive jihad against the Soviet invaders and defeated the then Soviet Union in ten years and forced the occupying forces out of our country.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, on behalf of its people, condemns the invasion of the former Soviet Union and commends jihad and struggle of the brave Afghan people against them.

Afghanistan does not interfere in internal affairs of any country and does not allow anyone to violate our rights and interfere in our internal affairs. Afghans as peace loving nation is willing to establish good and strong relations within the framework of international and Islamic principles, in which no one is likely to be harmed and the right of nations to freedom is protected.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan hopes that all countries of the region and world, will play a positive role in building and maintaining good and strong relations in order to take steps towards peace and prosperity in the region and the world. So that inconvenience, destruction and mistrust of the previous wars can be eradicated.

 Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

22/05/1443 Hijri Lunar

06/10/1400 Hijri Solar 27/12/2021 Gregorian


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