February 07, 2023

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding historic days of 7th and 8th Saur

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding historic days of 7th and 8th Saur

The 7th and 8th of Saur are historic days for our country as one makes us weep over the persecution, suffering and misfortune endured by our people and homeland, and the other marks a day of celebration serving as a symbol of freedom and independence.

Exactly forty-three years ago today on the 7th of Saur 1357 (Hijri Solar), a military coup by the forces of communism took place against the ruling government and groundwork was laid for communist aggression against the sacred land of a proud nation of the Asian continent. These actions were undertaken in order to colonize Afghanistan, enslave its people and enforce their communist ideology. But the Mujahid and freedom-loving Afghan nation thwarted the dreams of the twentieth century’s Soviet colonizers with bare hands and valiantly struggled for full fourteen years until it finally regained its freedom and independence on the 8th of Saur 1371 (Hijri Solar).

The Islamic Emirate condemns the 7th Saur coup and the subsequent communist invasion of our sacred land, and considers the 8th of Saur a historic day of freedom and celebration for our country.

The persecuted and suffering people of Afghanistan at the time were overjoyed that they had attained the fruits of their 14-year Jihad and would be allowed to live a free and peaceful life in their homeland under the shade of an Islamic system of their choice. But, a few fame-hungry and power-thirsty elements turned their hopes to heaps of ash in the fire of factional wars. They disregarded the martyrs, orphans and widows, the brutal bombings and destruction by the twentieth century colonizers, and the hardships and mass displacement of the oppressed nation, thus dashing the great hopes and aspirations of a great nation.

Today our nation is again faced with a great trial. We fought a twenty-year war against the preeminent super power of the 21st century (America) and its allies over our right to freedom and an Islamic system, suffered martyrdom, injuries and numerous forms of torture and displacement, yet remained resolute in our pursuit of the pure hopes of both Jihads, and have finally come close to attaining the fruits of twenty-year Jihad, Allah willing.

The Islamic Emirate would like to remind the current occupiers on the arrival of these historic days (7th and 8th Saur) that just as they chose the path of dialogue over war and reaped its benefits too, they must also remain committed to their agreed upon promises, to leave this nation to its own choice and not try to meaninglessly interfere in its affairs.

In order to prevent our nation from further suffering over posts and power and to achieve the sacred objectives of establishing an Islamic system, peace and security, we also advise internal parties to end their enmity towards their religion and homeland, not become a means for the ruin of this nation and to embrace realities.

Just as the Islamic Emirate was founded to restore independence of its homeland, eradicate anarchy and establish an Islamic government, it continues to remain a heir of safeguarding these noble aspirations, and will not allow anyone to dash the pure hopes and aspirations of this Mujahid nation once more.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

05/09/1441 Hijri Lunar

07/02/1400 Hijri Solar                   27/04/2021 Gregorian

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