November 26, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 32nd anniversary of expulsion of Soviet invaders from Afghanistan

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 32nd anniversary of expulsion of Soviet invaders from Afghanistan

History is a witness to the fact that our beloved homeland Afghanistan has repeatedly been a target of great incursions and invasions, however no matter the magnitude, brutality and terror projected by these invaders, our believing nation has valiantly confronted and ultimately defeated the invaders with Divine Help of Almighty Allah.

Among these great interventions was the soviet invasion of Afghanistan which was challenged by our nation with extraordinary courage and Jihadic resistance, culminating in the soviet invaders retreating from our homeland in complete humiliation and humility on the 26th of Dalwa 1367 (Hijri Solar). We congratulate our faithful and noble people on the occasion of this historical day and beseech Allah (SwT) to accept and reward all the martyrs, displaced, maimed and Mujahideen of the previous Jihad.

The 32nd anniversary of the soviet withdrawal has approached at a time when the topic of end of current occupation of Afghanistan and withdrawal of invaders is headline of every news and public discussion. Availing this unique opportunity, we would like to call on all participants of the current occupation to learn lessons from the fate of the Soviet Union and failed experiences of the current two-decade occupation, and bring an end to their criminal invasion.

26th of Dalwa testifies to the fact that no matter the strength of occupier, it shall be doomed to failure in the face of the legitimate struggle of the Afghan nation. Thus, in order to prevent further bilateral losses, do today what will unquestionably be happening tomorrow.

To end, we would like to congratulate our proud nation on this historical day and give them glad tidings that our Jihadic claim is truthful and Allah (SwT) invariably aids the truth. Allah willing, we shall soon also be witnesses to the day when our homeland shall be completely free and rescued from foreign occupation.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

02/07/1442 Hijri Lunar

26/11/1399 Hijri Solar                   14/02/2021 Gregorian

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