September 28, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 10th of Hooth, the 2nd anniversary of Doha agreement

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding 10th of Hooth, the 2nd anniversary of Doha agreement

Today, the 10th of Hoot 1338 Hijri Solar, marks the day on which Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the United States of America signed a historic deal of ending invasion in Doha the capital of Qatar.

The day on which the treaty was signed, and due to the jihad and sacrifices of our nation, paved the path for the withdrawal of American troops after 20 years, was recorded as another proud day in the history of our dear country. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan congratulates all the proud and Mujahid Nation of Afghanistan.

The 10th of Hooth, alike other historical days of our country, reflects the masterpieces and bravery of the Afghan Mujahid Nation and is the day of preserving the identity of the Afghan Muslim and Freedom Loving Nation.

All prise be to Allah, the Afghan Muslim nation has passed a great test in the field of jihad and struggle by making unprecedented sacrifices three times during the last one century and proudly achieved the freedom and independence of its country.

This day proved that Afghans have a strong will to gain freedom and a strong determination of protecting their religion and country.

The fact that Afghans over the past one century have consistently forced invading forces to their knees and expelled them from their country and gained their country’s independence, suggests that other aggressor countries abandon the path of enmity and hatred towards Afghans. based on mutual respect initiate interaction with the Islamic Emirate.

Afghans are a peace-loving nation, and now that they are experiencing a fresh and comfortable life, the world must interact and help them in creating opportunities.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, according to its position and policy, does not intend to harm or threaten any other country, also urges other countries to open all doors of positive engagement with the Afghan people so that all challenges that are likely to be accrued can be avoided.

As in the past the Mujahid Nation under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, will be vigilant against all kinds of plots and conspiracies of the enemies in future as well and will follow the Jihadi legacy and freedom seeking path of its forefathers, Allah willing.

 Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

27/07/1443 Hijri Lunar

10/12/1400 Hijri Solar   01/03/2022 Gregorian






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