November 27, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning repeated violations of peace agreement by the opposite side

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning repeated violations of peace agreement by the opposite side

On 29th February, 2020, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan signed a peace agreement with United States of America that later on indorsed by United Nations Security Council and praised by the world and called it a good framework for solution of Afghanistan quarrel. The Islamic Emirate has so far remained committed to the agreements and its contents. US officials have also acknowledged that the Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen have acted on compromises. The Islamic Emirate has also demonstrated its willingness for intra-Afghan dialogue with Afghan sides to reach a permanent solution to the peace and stability of the country, but according to the agreement, 5,000 prisoners of Islamic Emirate which should have been released, is delayed so far for one and other excuse.

According to the signed agreements until the intra-Afghan negotiations lead to a separate agreement with the Afghan sides and reach a comprehensive ceasefire, the Islamic Emirate can attack Kabul administration all military centres whether in rural areas or in urban areas but Islamic Emirate, neither has attacked their centres in major cities, nor had carried out operations at major military centres. Only check posts in some rural areas where the people were scare of enemy attacks have been attacked that is very less as compared to last year, but the following violations have been made against us by the American side and their internal and external military supporters.

– The process of releasing 5,000 prisoners has been delayed due to indefensible arguments.

– Repeated attacks on Mujahideen centres that are not even on the battlefield.

-Raids by US and Internal Forces on general public in several locations.

-There have been brutal drone attacks and other bombings on civilian settlements.

-In the areas under our control, ordinary mujahidin have been attacked even though there were no fighting in that area.

– The agreement has been violated in Helmand, Kandahar, Farah, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Paktia, Badakhshan, Balkh and other parts of the country the details of which have been communicated with the American side from time to time.

As we have witnessed repeated irresponsibility in this regard, we strongly urge the American side to respect content of the agreement and to dispose its other supporters to follow the agreement in its full sprit.

Apart from the specific area and time of battle, attacks on the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate in any other area, any raids and other incidents are all provocative acts and apparent violations. If such a breach continued, it would create an atmosphere of mistrust that will not only damage the agreements; but also force Mujahideen to similar response and will increase the level of fighting.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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