October 05, 2022

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning expansion of US military role by Obama to kill Afghans

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning expansion of US military role by Obama to kill Afghans

Reports surfaced yesterday that the US president Barack Obama expanded the military role of the remaining invaders against the Afghans, authorizing further airstrikes, raids and killings.

We condemn this effort of prolonging this war and occupation and remind the Americans that the Afghan nation has bravely faced all your might over the past 15 years. We are waging sacred Jihad against your invasion as a single nation, forget about the idea of ever subduing, defeating and forcing us to lay down our arms. That the nearly five hundred thousand police, army, intelligence personnel and militiamen trained by you are unable to combat the Mujahideen, are taking losses daily, retreating and fleeing and now begging you to fight alongside them against the Afghan people is in itself proof that you are not facing a group rather you are fighting an entire nation. Massacres can be perpetrated against nations, they can be oppressed, their lands occupied and prisons and cemeteries filled however their will can never be broken, their spirit of freedom never beaten and their struggle never subdued. Instead of marching your forces to battlefields and having them killed by us, unwarrantedly increasing your expenditure and prolonging a war which you shall never win in a hundred years, it would be better advised that you understand and accept the realities. If you ever take the time to read history of a land called the ‘Graveyard of Empires’, you will come to understand much about your actions. In 2010 when you decided to increase troop levels in Afghanistan, we told you then that you will gain nothing except increased casualties and expenditure. Perhaps you would have learnt that your decision (increasing troop level and expenditure) was futile? Because you have currently lost everything you tried to gain.  Repeating failed experiments is the work of a failed people.

Or if you believe our nation and Mujahideen will be frightened by such decisions and propaganda, then you are sadly mistaken. Whoever has given you this advice are surely either your stooges who seek to protect themselves with you, or supposed experts who have no knowledge about Afghanistan and this region or people whose interests lie in prolonged wars. If you begin to see Afghanistan as an equal country and recognize the Islamic Emirate as military, political and peaceful force demanding its legitimate rights and also take into consideration demands of this valiant nation, you shall be saved from a lot of expenditure and losses and your conscience forced to accept realities instead of testing force. But of you persist on force then the Mujahid Afghan nation under the leadership of Islamic Emirate – just as it has kept its political doors open to the world – shall keep the frontlines hot and impenetrable, Allah willing.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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