January 28, 2023

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning 43rd anniversary of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Statement of Islamic Emirate concerning 43rd anniversary of Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

43 years ago today, on the 6th date of Jeddi, 1358 (Hijri Solar), Soviet Union invaded the sacred territory of Afghanistan and brought thousands of its occupying forces into our territory.

The 10-years long occupation and huge atrocities, thoroughly damaged our country, forced millions of Afghans to emigrate from the country, martyred and crippled; But all praise belongs to almighty Allah only, as our zealous and Muslim nation fought bravely, as a result of which, the Soviet Red Army suffered a great defeat in Afghanistan and our oppressed people were freed from their evil and occupation.

Meanwhile, this great event of history has the message that no arrogant power in the world should doubt the faith, challenge and determination of the Muslim and zealous people of Afghanistan.

It also proves that our people, no matter how oppressed and poor they become, but they have a clear history in implementing the order of their Lord (Jihad) and winning and maintaining the independence and freedom of their country.

The occupation of the British, Soviets and Americans and then their disgraceful defeat make this great truth clear.

The Islamic Emirate, while condemning once again the invasion of the former Soviet Union on our territory, calls on the people to always be ready to protect the freedom and independence of their land and not allow anyone to destroy our country, values ​​and nation. Conspiracies and wrong intentions have been carried out.

The Islamic Emirate is committed to continue its service and efforts round the clock for the defense and protection of its country, religious values ​​and the Muslim nation.

 Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

 3/6/1444 Hijri Lunar

 6/10/1401 Hijri Solar    27/12/2022 Gregorian

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