December 01, 2022

Statement by MoFA concerning remarks, reports and conferences by Human Right monitoring bodies

Statement by MoFA concerning remarks, reports and conferences by Human Right monitoring bodies

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has fully cooperated with all investigations and
fact-finding missions by entities and individuals assigned under the framework of the
United Nations to look into the human rights situation in Afghanistan, and all of the
IEA departments, including the security apparatus, have fully cooperated with such
inquiries. Therefore, the said missions should ethically not act in bad faith or abuse this
spirit of cooperation.

Inspite of this favorable working environment, some individuals contrary’ to internationally accepted fact-finding methodologies – base their reports on rumors and unverified sources (social networks and e-mail addresses) and use such claims for political scoring against the government. Such reports not only lead to people’s confidence being lost in their reports but also raise questions about the impartiality
and credibility of such organizations.

States and international organizations should not allow such people to misuse the name
of their countries and organizations to pursue their prejudices and political agendas,
and undermine the spirit of cooperation between states for addressing pressing
humanitarian issues.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in both words and deeds, remains committed to the
basic human rights of its citizens in the light of Holy Islam and our national values.

In line with these values, following the developments on August 15, 2021, there has been significant positive changes in the human rights situation compared to the last two decades.

All allegations related to the violation of human rights of citizens, regardless of affiliation of the plaintiff and defendant, will be investigated with full transparency, and justice delivered to the rightful by our judicial system.

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