November 28, 2022

Statement by Agriculture Commission regarding tree plantation

Statement by Agriculture Commission regarding tree plantation

Our sublime religion of Islam – just as it expounds on reformation of spiritual and moral wellbeing – also considers welfare, prosperity and economic advancement of an Islamic society and public charity as an obligation upon the Muslims.

It is reported by Anas bin Malik (RA) that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: There are seven things, the reward of which will continue for the believer even after he is buried; those that teach knowledge to others, or builds water canal, or digs a well, or plants a tree, or builds a mosque, or leaves the Holy Quran in inheritance or leaves a child that prays for his salvation after his death.

 سَبْعٌ يجري للعبدِ أجْرُ هُنَّ من بعد موته وهو في قبره: مَنْ عَلَّمَ علماً، أو كَرَى نهراً، أو حَفَرَ بئراً، أو غَرَسَ نخلاً، أو بنى مسجداً، أو وَرَّث مُصحفاً، أو ترك ولداً يستغفرُ له بعد موته»، (رواه البيهقي

The main message of this narration proves that public welfare works are important Shariah legislated obligations in which every Muslim must partake in accordance with their capacity.

It is due to this religious social obligation that the Islamic Emirate – alongside struggle for establishment of Shariah and armed Jihad – conducts development work for the wellbeing of its believing nation and reconstruction of its beloved homeland and has created special departments for construction and public welfare works.

A key component of public welfare works for the prosperity of our people and homeland is agriculture and tree plantation. In this regard the esteemed leader of the Islamic Emirate – Amirul Mumineen Sheikhul Hadith Hibatullah Akhundzada (HA) – published a special decree last year asking the Mujahideen and common people to plant trees for the welfare of our country. This decree was widely welcomed by the people and a multitude of trees were planted throughout the country.

With the approach of tree plantation season, the Department of Agriculture and Agronomics of the Islamic Emirate once again calls on its nation and its workers to comply with the decree of Leader of the Believers (HA) and asks the entire believing nation and Mujahideen to plant trees for the prosperity our homeland so that our nation and people can benefit from the abundant advantages of trees and greenery.

Agriculture Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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