February 02, 2023

Speech contests take place across country

Speech contests take place across country

AFGHANISTAN, Jan. 14 – The Islamic Emirate organized a speech completion in northern Kunduz province on Thursday, Al-Emarah correspondent said.

The program was attended by the noticeable scholars and Ulama, students and teachers of the schools and Madaris with a number tribesmen and tribal elders.

The competition between the students of Madaris of Dashti Archi and Imam Sahib arranged by head of the Education & training Department of Islamic Emirate took place in Imam Sahib District of Kunduz province on Thursday.

The participants’ performance was judged by a jury of experts and different awards for the competition were presented to the winners at a ceremony.

The aim of the competition was to help engage the youth in positive and productive activities and spread knowledge and culture and raise educational awarenes.

The program concluded with prayers to Allah Almighty for the oppressed and troubled Afghans and for entire humanity.

Meantime, the attendees appreciated Al-Emarah for its untiring efforts to hold such events and conferences across the country and maintain peace and security in the region.

He added a similar completion was organized in Surkani district of Kunar province on Thursday between the students of the institutes of Miftah al-Uloom teaching of Quran and Sunnah and Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud.

The competitors gave amazing and creative talks on several different topics during the ceremony and the prizes were distributed among the position holders and the concluding dua was offered at the end of the ceremony.

Likewise, a speech contest took place in Zazi Aryb district of Paktia province on Thursday in which the contestants delivered speeches on the importance education, ethics, Islamic values and time.

The program was, as usual, concluded with dua.

On Friday, a completion on how to deliver absorbing, creative and better speeches was arranged between Islamic institutes in the provincial capital of Khost province where a large number of people were present

The awards were offered to the prizewinners and the program ended with closing dua.

Similarly, there were speech contests in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province on Friday in which the competitors gave talks on various topics, while the winners were presented with different prizes.


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