October 01, 2022

Speech competition takes palace in Paktika 

Speech competition takes palace in Paktika 

PAKTIKA, Jan. 1– Al-Emarah News said Sunday speech contest under the supervision of the Islamic Emirate’s commission of higher education between students of grade five took held in Paktika province’s different districts including Warmamai, Yusuf Khel, Jani Khel, Daila, Khoshamand andWazi Khwa, in which the contestants delivered speeches on a various topics.

The program attendees included the noticeable scholars and Ulama, students and teachers of the schools and Madaris with a large number people.

The participants’ performance was judged by a jury of experts and different awards for the competition were presented to the winners at the completions.

The aim of the competition was to help engage the youth in positive and productive activities and spread knowledge and culture and raise educational awareness.

In the meantime, the Ulama gave comprehensive talks on several different issues, emphasizing the need of higher education.

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