September 30, 2022

Speech competition held in country’s north

Speech competition held in country’s north

KUNDUZ, Sept. 30 – The Islamic Emirate organized a speech completion in northern Kunduz province on Thursday, according to Al-Emarah News reports.

The ceremony was attended the students and teacher of the schools and Madaris with a large number of noticeable and renowned tribal elders.

The competition between the Afghan students arranged by head of the Education & Culture Department of Islamic Emirate took place in Chahar Darah district province on Thursday.

The participants’ performance was judged by a jury of experts and different awards for the competition were presented to the winners at a ceremony.

The aim of the competition was to helps the youth to engage in positive and productive activities and spread the culture and education.

The program concluded with prayers to Allah Almighty for the oppressed and troubled Afghans and for entire humanity.

Meantime, the attendees appreciated Al-Emarah for its untiring efforts to hold such events and conferences across the country and maintain peace and security in the region.

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