Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mawlawi Amir Khan Muttaqi at Washington Conference on Peace and Humanitarian Assistance for Afghanistan

  بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم   الحمدلله والصلاة و السلام علی خیر خلقه محمد و علی آله و اصحابه اجمعین، امابعد: و افعلوا الخیر لعلکم تفلحون.   صدق الله العظیم To the organizers of today’s meeting, my fellow Afghan brothers and sisters in America, representatives of international organizations, honorable academics and political figures, and members […]


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم


الحمدلله والصلاة و السلام علی خیر خلقه محمد و علی آله و اصحابه اجمعین، امابعد:

و افعلوا الخیر لعلکم تفلحون.   صدق الله العظیم

To the organizers of today’s meeting, my fellow Afghan brothers and sisters in America, representatives of international organizations, honorable academics and political figures, and members of the media!


May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you all!


I am glad to be addressing you all at a meeting convened in America for the very first time as peace and stability have also returned to Afghanistan for the first time after four decades, and the entire country is under the shade of a unitary government. The historic agreement signed between us and the United States in February 2020 resulted in all foreign forces exiting Afghanistan and a great positive development unfolding. The time has come to not repeat failed experiments and to give Afghanistan a chance, as a responsible side, to play a positive role towards world stability, economic growth and a better future.


Honorable participants!


Afghanistan passed a key and historic milestone in August last year. This development, contrary to many analysis and assessments, transpired in a very peaceful manner without any bloodshed, looting or destruction. This itself demonstrates that the recent developments had public support and legitimacy. The Islamic Emirate entered Kabul with a message of national unity and opened its arms of peace and brotherhood to its past political and even military rivals. It would be rare to find such civilized, humane and Islamic conduct in history.


We sought to enter Kabul city through dialogue and understanding, but as the head and security organs of the previous administration chose to run away and a power vacuum gripped Kabul, public figures and residents of Kabul requested our forces to enter the city and establish security. The Emirate had no plans of killing or detaining anyone upon entering Kabul, and our former opposition are still living a dignified life under the shade of the Emirate.


The Doha agreement is a good framework for relations between Afghanistan and the world, specifically with the United States of America. We believe that the complete implementation of the Doha agreement can remove existing impediments in relations between us and the United States of America along with its allies, therefore, it is needed that all sides remain committed to contents of the Doha agreement.


Esteemed participants!


Afghanistan has been a victim of foreign interventions, invasions, civil wars and a host of other tragedies since the year 1978. We want to open a new political chapter of good governance internally and relations with the region and the world. Foreign policy of the new government is positive, balanced and economic-centric. We seek positive and constructive relations with our neighbors, region and the world. We want positive interaction based on mutual respect with all nations so not to become a casualty of conflict of interests of great powers nor be a part of any hostilities. We similarly want to be the crossroads of Asia by transforming our country into a hub of prosperity and cooperation for our nation, region and the world through connectivity and transit. We will not allow anyone to use the territory of Afghanistan to the harm others and will also not allow others to interfere in our internal affairs. We respect the legitimate interests and demands of other nations and in return, we expect similar treatment from others.


The new government does not want its citizens specifically its educated and professional cadre to be encouraged or forced to migrate to Europe. Such is not in the interest of anyone and neither do we want Europe to be burdened with our refugees. Afghans should have a good life in their own homeland Afghanistan.


Dear attendees!


Diversity of thought, ideologies, ethnicities and languages around the world is a reality, and these realities must be acknowledged.


Afghanistan as a state and Afghans as a nation have differences and commonality with other world nations. Just as we are able to understand the differences of others, we expect that differences of Afghanistan also be discerned. Impositions of distinct foreign ideologies and political models on Afghanistan have not yielded results. Afghans currently have an opportunity to create a political structure in line with its national and religious values such that it is accountable both domestically and also carries out its international obligations in a proper manner.


Cabinet of the new government of Afghanistan is composed of qualified individuals from various regions and ethnicities of the country, however this process has not halted, rather reforms are underway on a cabinet level and in other areas, and you are witnessing them.


Moreover, we have five hundred thousand civil servants working in our government that also served with the previous administration. We have not fired former workers from their jobs, rather have paid them their salaries and utilized their capabilities without prejudice, and have given all Afghans, especially the youth, positions in the political composition and will continue to provide them with more opportunities.


Respected colleagues!


Corruption and strongmen have been severely curtailed in Afghanistan. Administrative corruption, usurpation, personal use of national resources and islands of power have been eliminated.


The new government exercising power over the whole country – that has secured Afghanistan’s geography and territorial integrity, established security, formed a responsible government and does not pose a threat to any world country – and as a ruling system reserves the right that world interacts with it formally. All must understand that political isolation of Afghanistan is not in the interest of anyone. Hence, all bear a responsibility to assist the existing stability and to strengthen it with political and economic support so that Afghans can stand on their own feet and bring this unending tale of violence and migration to an end, and not that to freeze the assets of Afghanistan or place sanctions on its banking and private sector.


To end, I thank you for convening this successful meeting about Afghanistan. Your efforts demonstrate that you harbor genuine love and sincerity for your homeland. The new Afghan government will support your sincere efforts and if humanitarian assistance is announced, we stand ready to facilitate its delivery and transparency. I again thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate and deliver a speech in this meeting.


My final request is to not look at Afghanistan from the lens of others, but to better understand the ground situation with first-hand information. Governance here is infinitely better than what the opposition and some media are trying to suggest. My expectation from faithful and just Afghans as well as cognizant fellow humans is to help us present an accurate picture of Afghanistan to the world.


Thank you.

May your remaining time be blessed.