November 26, 2022

Slaughtering Sick Animals Banned in Kandahar

Slaughtering Sick Animals Banned in Kandahar

KANDAHAR, Sep. 30 – Local officials of the Islamic Emirate of Kandahar province have imposed a ban on slaughtering sick animals in the province.

Naqibullah, the head of the livestock department of the Kandahar Department of Agriculture, confirmed the issue of animal skin disease in this province and said: “People should refrain from buying meat that has not  been stamped by the doctors of the said department.


Meanwhilr, head of the butchers of Kandahar, Allah Gul, also requested the butchers to refrain from buying and slaughtering animals with suspicious diseases.

Kandahar butchers leader Allah Gul says officials of agriculture, municipality and public health departments visit sloughter house in the city and districts many times a week.

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