December 04, 2022

Sincere Slacker

Sincere Slacker

By: Anas Haqqani

Some people have good conscience a good sense of sincerity and enthusiasm to do a job but constantly fail in taking action and are apprehensive about the task at hand. When they do ultimately do the work, it is done halfheartedly and not in a proper manner, rather it is only lifting the weight from their shoulders.

This is because their feelings and sincerity have been overwhelmed by the laxity of their soul and this is such a bad disease that it blocks all paths of progress. I don’t know how to appropriately call such a person, a sincere slacker? Because sincerity does not accept laziness and laziness is an obstacle in the path of sincerity.

The intellect of such a person also feels the necessity for many needs. This kind of person genuinely wants the work to be done with enthusiasm but his laziness ties his hands and feet. This characteristic of a person leads him to failing in doing compulsory assignments as he becomes addicted to performing incidental tasks.

When a mentor or a senior notifies such a person about the importance, necessity, and benefits of a work or task, he immediately moves with sincerity. He affirms his determination to get the job done, but it only lasts for a few moments and a short time. Very soon his hands of sincerity are bound in chains of laziness, the flowers of passion wither back and he returns to his former ways. Here the main cause of laziness is lack of stability and steadfastness. Such a person does not have perseverance and has not fought with his inner self. Just being sincere from the heart is not enough but one needs to compete with his inner self. When I encourage some people to do something, I hear many excuses and finally they tell me to pray for them because they are facing laziness. We will pray, but if you don’t move, don’t force yourself, nothing will happen by mere praying. One must be active and dynamic, and for a person to stay still and leave responsibilities behind, then this will surely lead to their failure.

It is said that a country was invaded by infidels and the scholars, instead of wielding swords to defend themselves, only called upon the youth through their speeches and prayers but no action. The result was that they were all captured alive. Actions are compulsory with prayers.

Laziness is a terrible disease, and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also sought refuge from this illness. The best way to combat laziness is to work, and if you put just a little pressure on yourself, the Almighty will makes easy the most difficult of tasks.

One must create a schedule for himself to carry out his daily activities. A time shall be fixed for each activity and this schedule shall be followed consecutively for a few days with strict punctuality, similar to the way one cares for the five daily prayers. Soon this will become easy for him and it will become a common routine, God willing.

One must also think that there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the execution of the work and that there is a disadvantage if not done. Then after this approach, one will take a closer look at the pros and cons of doing and not doing a work assigned to them. So this formula prevents the reign of mental laziness in the future and paves the way for the reign of sincerity.

We can learn from Hazrat Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz (may Allah have mercy on him) a comprehensive method of battle with the inner soul which is also related to this subject.

A person asked Umar Ibn Abdulaziz when he should speak? He told him when your heart tells you to remain silent. He asked him when he should remain silent? He replied to him that when your heart wants you to speak.

We can learn a lot from this lesson. Man must strive in this way, to suppress the desires of the soul, to force himself and to break the chains of laziness which have entangled the soul and which has hindered his progress.

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