February 06, 2023

Shar-e-Now park economic project surveyed

Shar-e-Now park economic project surveyed

KABUL, Mar. 6 – Maulana Abd ur Rasheed, the mayor of Kabul city surveyed and evaluated a project involving the economic design of Shari Naw park in, a large recreational and commercial area of Kabul city, area presented by an in-house private company.

The project includes a mosque, a cultural center, a well-equipped standard restaurant, a special commercial market for women, a children’s recreation area, a swimming pool, athletics field, floodlights, advertising billboards, parking lots, public toilets, halls for funeral services, and Green Zone development sections.

The Kabul Municipality welcomes the proposal will be decided after a survey and assessment.

Shari Now Park covers an area of ​​92348 meter square and is located in the center of Kabul city.

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