November 30, 2022

Shamalzai district comes under Mujahideen control

Shamalzai district comes under Mujahideen control

ZABUL, Jun. 25 – Mujahideen have begun negotiations with border and security checkpoints in and around Zanjeer base in Bazaar area of Shamalzai district, which has been under siege for several days and the negotiations failed.

Mujahideen than launched armed strikes on mercenary enemy in the afternoon, which lasted till late night hours, forcing the puppets   to negotiate again, and Mujahideen provided them way of escaping and they fled at 1:00 am local time last night.

With escaping of enemy the strategic Zanjeer base, all defensive posts and all installations of the said district came under Mujahideen control with sizable amount of war spoils confiscated as well.

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