January 28, 2023

School and Madrasa, two sides of the same coin and need of time

School and Madrasa, two sides of the same coin and need of time

Unfortunately, the colonialism has created a gap between school and Madrasa – the religious seminary – in Afghanistan for many years, and those who seek to use these words negatively are actually dividing the nation.

This hypocritical trend intitally started from the era of Amanullah Khan and continued until the black era of communist rule and republic.

Unfortunately, this distance and contradiction took countless victims from the Afghan nation despite the fect both of them originate from the same Islamic sources.

Only during the period of Zahir Shah and Daud Khan, a number of young people went to Russia to the school of Communism, and returned with false beliefs and infiltrated into government offices of Afghanistan.

These groups were more attracted to schools and universities and often started their anti-religious activities in universities and hense encountered Muslim youths inside universities and academic centers.

This misguided group, called religious scholars the germ of society and defined them as reactionary and backward and also described the holy religion of Islam as the opium of society.

However, after the overthrow of the communist regime, almost the carpet of this belief was removed from the scientific centers and educational institutions of the country, and Islamic themes spread.

However, during the period of the Republic and twenty years of occupation of Afghanistan by the US and NATO, communist, secularist this nonsense idea was once agian raised and continiously flourished in the educational centers, which with the help of almighty Allah, with tire less efforts and uncountable sacrifices of the Mujahideen has been eradicated with the conquest and victory of the Islamic Emirate.

Now, all the themes of the schools and relegious educational institutions of the country are Islamic, and they proceed with humane and Islamic standards.

There is no longer any difference between the country’s schools, Madrasa and educational institutions, and all the children of this country are Muslim, who are educated in schools or in Madrasa, and learn science and teachnology knowledge with a pure and Islamic belief.

Now there is no more difference between school and Madrasa, there is no place for hatred and these differences should be removed and the children of the country should live together in their common home with the spirit of Islamic brotherhood and love.

The Islamic Emirate also has a responsibility to remove this distance, and work in every possible way and to eliminate these meaningless words and perceptions. So that the children of the country can live in a completely clear atmosphere of brotherhood without discrimination, creating a better future for growth and development of the country.

By: Hikmat

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